How to Save and Share Your Movie Maker Film - dummies

How to Save and Share Your Movie Maker Film

By Mark L. Chambers

Movie Maker allows you to save your films in a number of different formats, e-mail them, or even share them on YouTube. (You’ll see many of these same commands on the Home tab in the Sharing group.)

You can always save your work in progress. To save a project that you’re working on to your hard drive for later, click the File tab and choose Save Project. Windows opens the familiar Save As dialog box, where you can specify a location and a filename.

After your project is completed, here are two methods you can use to produce a finished movie.

Create a digital video file

If you simply want to watch your film on your PC monitor or other device, this option is best. Just don’t forget that it can take several hundred megabytes or more of space to store a single movie. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the File tab and click Save Movie.

  2. Choose the quality or destination from the submenu that appears.

    You can choose between several different resolutions, including high-definition, widescreen, or standard TV. Note that you can also prepare the movie for use with a mobile phone or as an e-mail attachment.

  3. Choose a location and type a name; then click Save.

Share your masterpiece on YouTube

Talk about convenience! Movie Maker automatically formats your movie for optimum viewing on YouTube and then sends it there for you. If you have an existing account on YouTube, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the Home tab and click the YouTube button in the Share group.

  2. Choose the resolution of your movie.

    Movie Maker displays a dialog box where you can enter your YouTube username and password. (You must also sign into your Microsoft account if you haven’t already.)

  3. Click Sign In.

    After Movie Maker logs you in, you’re given the chance to enter a name and description, and then the film is uploaded for you. See you at the Oscars!