How to Restore All Your Personal Files in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Restore All Your Personal Files in Windows 7

By Dan Gookin

You can restore all your personal files if anything nasty ever befalls them. The steps work the same as for restoring any single file or folder, but you must take care to find the right folder.

  • This type of restore operation doesn’t recover all files on your computer, just the personal ones.

  • You can recover all your PC’s files even when your version of Windows lacks the Complete PC Backup. You start by reinstalling Windows and then reinstalling your program files. After that, use Restore to recover your personal files. The process isn’t perfect, and it’s time consuming, but it works.

The methods for restoring all your personal files in Windows 7 are pretty easy:

  1. Get to the Backup and Restore window.

  2. Click the button Restore My Files.

    Use the most recent backup, which is presented in the Restore Files window.

  3. Click the Browse for Folders button.

  4. From the list of folders on the left side of the window, choose the one with your account’s name.

  5. Click the Add Folder button.

    Now your account folder and all its contents are selected for restoration.

  6. Click the Next button.

    In the Restore Files window, the option to restore files to their original location is chosen. That’s the one you want; to restore all your files.

  7. Click the Restore button.

  8. Sit back and watch.

    The operation may take some time, depending on how much stuff you’re restoring.

  9. Click the Finish button and close the Backup and Restore window.

Be sure that you choose the option Copy But Keep Both Files when restoring the older version, when you do want to keep both files.