How to Remove an Expansion Card from Your PC - dummies

How to Remove an Expansion Card from Your PC

By Dan Gookin

Devices inside your computer like DVD drives and display adapters sometimes stop working. Should this happen to you, you will need to remove the old device before you can replace it with a working one. To remove the device’s expansion card, follow these general steps:

  1. Turn off the computer.

    Remember to back up your data and set a restore point.

  2. Open the PC case.

  3. Locate the expansion card to remove.

  4. Move any cables or other obstacles out of the way.

    If necessary, detach cables or remove disk drives. After the procedure is complete, be sure to remember how to reinstall them.

  5. Free the expansion card’s slot cover: Unscrew the screw or release the latch holding the slot cover in place.

  6. Ensure that no cables are attached to the expansion card or in its way.

  7. Gently pull out the card.

    Pinch the card with your fingers and thumb and gently ease it out. If necessary, rock the card from front to back.

  8. Replace the screw or slot cover.

    If you kept an old slot cover around, put it back over the hole so that the console case is intact.

  9. Close the console.

  10. Turn on the computer.

Windows may alert you to the device’s absence. If so, follow whatever directions are given on the screen.

Store the card in a safe place, where it won’t be squished, bent, or broken or come into contact with liquid, metal, or humans under the age of 9.

As with adding new hardware, when you remove hardware from a PC, you may have to revalidate or reactivate Windows. Do so when prompted after you upgrade and start your PC.