How to Receive a Fax on Your Laptop - dummies

How to Receive a Fax on Your Laptop

When you’re aware of a thundering fax speeding toward your laptop, you can prepare for it by visiting Fax Central in Windows.

  1. Choose Control Panel from the Start menu.

  2. Open the Printers or Printers and Faxes icon in the Control Panel window.

  3. Double-click to open the Fax icon.

  4. Ensure that the modem is connected.

    Then wait for the ring (if you have another phone attached to the incoming line).

  5. If you’re using Windows Vista, when the phone rings, choose Tools→Receive a Fax Now. If you’re using Windows XP, when the phone rings, choose File→Receive a Fax Now.

    After the fax has been received, a pop-up bubble may appear, or you may notice the little Pending Fax Guy in the notification area. That’s your clue that a fax has come in. Any fax that’s received appears in the Inbox — just like e-mail.

  6. To view the fax, double-click its icon or select the fax and then click the View button on the toolbar.

    The fax is displayed in a special window, from which you can print, save, or mess with the fax.

Remember that faxes are received as image files. Specifically, they’re TIFF images. You cannot edit the files as text documents.