How to Print a Web Page - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Printing a web page works like printing any document in any application: Choose Print from the File menu, work the Print dialog box, and then print. Assuming the printer is connected, the web page should print. But that is a big assumption.

The first mistake is assuming that the Print command is on the File menu. Internet Explorer has no File menu, but it has a Print button on its toolbar. Clicking the button prints the web page, or you can display a menu that shows more printing options.


The second mistake is to assume that you can fit all the content of a single web page on a single sheet of paper. You can! But often, Internet Explorer shrinks the content to fit a page. Here’s how to fix the problem:

  1. From the Print button on the toolbar, choose the Print Preview command.

    The Print Preview window opens. The window not only helps prevent wasting paper but also assists in ensuring that you print the web page exactly the way you want.


  2. Select the proper page orientation.

    Some web pages look better on paper when they’re printed in landscape orientation. Again, the Print Preview window helps you determine whether landscape is a better choice before you print.

  3. Set the proper zoom or shrink value by using the Change Print Size menu.

    As you choose a size, use the preview image to determine whether it looks good.

  4. Click the Print button to bring up the Print dialog box.

  5. Work the options in the Print dialog box.

    Some examples are Number of Copies and Which Pages to Print.

  6. Click the Print button to print the web page.

  7. Close the Print Preview window.

    You’re returned to the web page.

In an amazing twist of technology, a once-electronic web page is now inked to a sheet of paper. Be sure to amaze your friends with such a thing.

  • Clicking the Print button on the toolbar instantly prints the web page. To work the Print dialog box, choose Print from the Print button’s menu or press Ctrl+P.

  • A single web page is often output to several printed pages.

  • To print only part of a web page, select the part you want by using the mouse. Then press Ctrl+P and, in the Print dialog box, choose Selection. Click the Print button to print only the selected portion of the web page.

  • Only one part of a web page can be selected at a time.

  • Sometimes, text fails to show up when you select the Shrink to Fit option. It’s a “feature” of the web page. Simply choose another size from the Change Print Size menu.

  • You can print an image on a web page by right-clicking the image and choosing Print Picture from the shortcut menu. This trick comes in handy when the image doesn’t print with the rest of the web page.