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How to Omit Your E-mail Password

When you are traveling with your laptop, you can make your e-mail more secure by omitting your password. At home or in your office, having Windows remember your Internet and e-mail passwords is handy — if your laptop is in a secure location or has adequate password protection.

But even with password protection on your laptop, you may not want your e-mail password to be kept inside the laptop. Here’s how to suppress it:

  1. In Microsoft Mail or Outlook Express, choose Tools→Accounts.

    The Accounts dialog box reports for duty.

  2. In Microsoft Mail, click to select your e-mail account from the list; skip to Step 4. In Outlook Express, click the Mail tab.

  3. In Outlook Express, click to select your ISP’s mail server in the list.

  4. Click the Properties button.

    Your ISP’s e-mail connection Properties dialog box appears.

  5. Click the Servers tab.

  6. Erase your password from the Password text box and deselect the Remember Password check box.

    Remove your password from the Internet e-mail account.
    Remove your password from the Internet e-mail account.
  7. Click OK to make the change.

  8. Click the Close button to dismiss the various windows you’ve opened.

You have to repeat these steps when you have more than one e-mail account listed; remove the password for each of them.

Because you’ve removed your e-mail password, you’re prompted for it each time you go to pick up e-mail. A dialog box appears. Just enter your password, and then you can pick up your mail.