How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks - dummies

How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks

By Mark LaFay

To access Chrome’s Bookmark Manager, click the Settings button to the right of the Omnibox, then hover your cursor over the Bookmarks option in the menu that appears, and in the resulting sub-menu, select Bookmark Manager. (See the figure.)

In the Bookmark Manager, you can perform the following actions:

  • Add or edit bookmarks.

  • Delete bookmarks.

  • Organize bookmarks in folders.

  • Add or remove bookmarks to the bookmark bar.

  • Search for saved bookmarks.

The Bookmark Manager window is divided into two main sections: folders for organizing bookmarks on the left and the bookmarks themselves on the right.

You can add new folders to the section on the left by following these steps:

  1. Click the Organize button (see the figure).

    The Organize button is located directly above the folder list.

    A menu of options appears.

  2. Click Add Folder.

    A new folder is added to your folder list.

  3. Type in the desired name for your folder and press Enter.

    Your new folder will be saved in the Bookmark Manager.


On the right side of your Bookmark Manager window is the bookmark folder contents pane. In this pane you’ll see bookmarks and sub-folders. You can organize your bookmarks in this pane by dragging the bookmarks to any position you wish. If you want to add a bookmark to one of the folders in the leftmost pane, just click and drag the bookmark to the desired folder.

To delete a bookmark, simply select it and hit the Delete key.