How to Make a Dialup Connection on Your Laptop Using Windows Vista - dummies

How to Make a Dialup Connection on Your Laptop Using Windows Vista

Unlike a broadband connection, which is always on, a dialup connection requires you to dial in to your ISP whenever you want to use it. Before you try making a dialup connection, ensure that your laptop is properly wired to the phone jack. The cord must plug in to the modem hole on your laptop and into a phone jack on the wall or else piggyback on some other telephonic device.

You can manually make the dialup connection, as described in the following steps.

Do not plug your modem into a digital phone system! It will fry your modem’s gizzard! Digital phone systems are common in hotels and medium- to large-size businesses. When in doubt, ask!

  1. From the Start menu, choose the Connect To item.

    The Connect to a Network window appears, listing the various and potential ways for your laptop to find the Internet or any other network. In the list are Dial-up and VPN options, which is what you’re looking for.

  2. Choose the dialup connection.

    Its name was chosen when you set things up.

  3. Click the Connect button.

    Windows dials the modem and attempts to make the connection.


After the connection has been made, the little modem buddies appear in the notification area, as shown above. They’re your clue that you’re connected to the Internet. You can now use any Internet software.