How to Maintain a Laptop Battery - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Your laptop’s battery won’t last forever no matter how you maintain it. But it may last just a little longer than otherwise if you follow a few basic maintenance practices. There’s very little you need to do to maintain a laptop’s battery. Maintaining the laptop’s battery is easy.

  • When you’re storing a laptop for a long time (say, more than a month), remove the battery and store it separately. That way, if the battery leaks, it doesn’t wreck the laptop.

  • When storing a battery, put it in a dry location where it won’t be disturbed or come into contact with metal.

  • A battery not used for a period of time loses its charge.

  • Do not throw away old batteries! Always dispose of a computer battery properly, according to the hazardous waste regulations for your locality.

  • Never drop a laptop battery, get it wet, open it, or place it in a fire.

  • Generally speaking, don’t do anything to the battery that an intoxicated person would do, especially just before they would say, “Hey, check this out.”

  • Keep the battery’s temperature even. Avoid situations where the battery may get too hot or too cold. Like Goldilocks, your laptop battery likes temperatures that are just right.

  • The longer you own the laptop and use its battery, the less performance you’ll see from it. After about three years, buy your laptop a replacement battery and use it. Dispose of the original battery in the manner proper for your locale.