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How to Keep Your Laptop Operating at a Safe Temperature

Keeping your laptop operating at a safe temperature ensures that the components continue to function and that your laptop leads a long life. To maintain a safe temperature, most laptops do not have cutting-edge processors, which generate considerable heat. Keeping your laptop at a safe temperature involves keeping it out of direct sunlight and keeping its air vents open, among other things.

So many electronics are packed into the laptop’s case that when coupled with the battery, which heats as it discharges, internal temperatures can soar. The laptop comes with a small cooling fan, one that may even have two speeds for when the temperature gets too hot. But that may not be enough! It’s important not to let your laptop get too hot. Follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid putting your laptop anywhere that it will be in direct sunlight.

  • Do not store the laptop in your car’s trunk.

  • Don’t let the laptop run in a closet or a closed environment where air cannot circulate.

  • Do not block the little vents on the laptop that help it inhale cool air and expel hot air.

  • When the laptop continually runs too hot, especially when the battery compartment becomes too hot to touch, phone your laptop dealer for service.

  • Consider buying your laptop a cooling pad.