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How to Get a Web-based E-mail Account

If you leave home with your laptop, you can subscribe to one of the many free Web-based e-mail services, which makes e-mail available to you anywhere you can find Internet access. The good news is that using most Web-based e-mail systems is easy. The better news is that nearly all of them are free!

For example, you can get a free account on Yahoo! Mail and either tell everyone to send your mail to that account when you’re on the road or have your regular mail forwarded to that account.

Some people even use their Web-based e-mail accounts as their main accounts and keep their main accounts secret or reserved for private e-mail. That way, the main account remains relatively spam-free. And, when the public Web-based e-mail account becomes overwhelmed with spam, it can be discarded and a new free Web-based e-mail service used.

  • You can access Web-based e-mail from any computer that has Internet access. You have nothing further to set up.

  • Unlike e-mail software you must run on your computer, Web-based e-mail stays on the Web until you delete it. That way, you can keep messages in your Web e-mail inbox and have them still waiting there when you return home and use your desktop computer.

  • Remember that most of those free, Web-based e-mail accounts have a size limit. You have to occasionally delete your old e-mail to keep the account from filling up.

  • Web-based e-mail is available from the following providers. This is by no means a complete list: