How to Find the Backup Program in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Find the Backup Program in Windows 7

By Dan Gookin

To back up the files on your PC, you can simply copy the files from the hard drive to removable media. However, it is far simpler to run a backup program. Windows 7 comes with a Backup program, called Backup and Restore.

Don’t bother looking for the Windows Backup program on the Start button menu. In Windows 7, the Backup program is found in the Control Panel, for some reason. Here’s how to bring it forth:

  1. Open the Control Panel window.

  2. Beneath the System and Security heading, choose Back Up Your Computer.

    The Backup and Restore window appears. Unlike in Windows Vista, this window is the only place you need to go for backing up or restoring files on your PC.


  3. Close the window when you’re done looking.

You can also access the Backup and Restore window from the Windows 7 Action Center. A Backup and Restore link in the lower-left corner of the Action Center window takes you directly to that window. You might also see alerts in the Action Center window, reminding you to back up or alerting you that a scheduled backup failed to run.

Windows 7 also features, in the notification area, an itsy-bitsy icon that appears whenever a backup is overdue.