How to Find Content on a Web Page and Add Your Own Notes in Microsoft Edge - dummies

How to Find Content on a Web Page and Add Your Own Notes in Microsoft Edge

By Nancy C. Muir

Microsoft Edge has all the bells and whistles. The Internet is a huge place, but the new Windows browser makes it easy to locate content and add notes to a web page.

  1. After starting Microsoft Edge, enter a URL in the address bar, and press Enter. Click the More Actions button (it has a row of three dots on it), and choose Find on Page.

  2. In the resulting Find on Page toolbar that appears below the address bar, enter the word that you want to search for. As you type, all instances of the word on the page are highlighted.


  3. Click the Next button and you move from one highlighted instance of the word to the next. If you want to move to a previous instance, click the Previous button.


  4. When you’re done searching on a page, click the Close button at the right end of the Find on Page toolbar.

Many websites have a Search This Site feature that allows you to search not only the displayed web page but all web pages on a website, or to search by department or category of item in an online store. Look for a Search text box and make sure that it searches the site — and not the entire Internet.

You can add your own highlighting and notes to a web page. For example, you might do this to capture your own experience with a recipe or instructions for a project.

  1. After you start Microsoft Edge and display the web page that you want to make notes on, click the Make a web Note button on the Microsoft Edge address bar.

  2. In the toolbar that appears, click the lower-right corner of the pen or highlighter button, and then click the color to use.


  3. Drag with the mouse to write or draw on the page. Release the mouse button when you want to stop marking, and press the mouse button again to resume your note taking.

  4. Click the Save web Note button on the toolbar. An Add To dialog box appears. Click either Favorites or Reading List at the top, and then click the Add button.

  5. Click the Exit button on the web Notes toolbar.

Writing and drawing onscreen with a regular mouse can be awkward. You can get a drawing tablet and stylus that connects to your laptop via USB. After you plug it in and set it up, if needed, you can use the stylus to write and draw just like a pencil. Using one of these tablets makes adding web notes feel the same as doodling on paper. If your laptop has a touchscreen, you can just use it in the same way.