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How to Create a New Dialup Location for Your Laptop’s Modem

Any time you set up shop in a new location, you need to tell the laptop’s modem about it, by creating a new dialup location. You have to enter this new dialup location and dialing information only if you’re using the modem. (If you’re using an Ethernet connection to access the Internet, don’t bother!)

  1. Choose Control Panel from the Start menu, and then choose Phone and Modem Options.

    The first question you’re asked the first time you open this icon is to enter the main location. After you fill in that information, the Phone and Modem Options dialog box appears, as shown above.

  2. Highlight the My Location item on the Dialing Rules tab.

    If you’re just starting out, My Location is the only location. Later on, as you create locations, you can use these steps to modify them in case you ever visit that spot with your laptop again.

  3. Click the New button.


  4. Enter a name for your current location.

    For example, enter Home or The Office or wherever your laptop is right now.

  5. Select whichever country you’re in now.

  6. Enter the area code.

  7. Fill in the Dialing Rules area.

    You can leave these items blank if none is required.

  8. To disable call waiting while the modem is online, select the “To Disable Call Waiting Dial” check box. Then select the proper code sequence from the drop-down list.

    The call-waiting signal disconnects an active modem connection. You select this box to disable call waiting on a per-phone-call basis.

  9. Finally, select whether your connection requires tone or pulse dialing.

    You need to select the Pulse option only if your area is limited to pulse dialing; otherwise, you can choose Tone.

  10. Click OK to save the settings.

    Now, in the Phone and Modem Options dialog box, you can select the location you just created so that Windows uses that location’s dialing rules.