How to Add a Title to Your Movie Maker Film - dummies

How to Add a Title to Your Movie Maker Film

By Mark L. Chambers

In movie jargon, titles can be anything from the opening titles of your film to the ending credits. With Movie Maker, you can open your film with impressive titles that fill the screen, or you can thank your brother for being the best boy, grip, or gaffer.

To add a title, click the item that the title should precede, click the Home tab, and click the Title button. As you can see, the Player window turns into a text field where you type your title. To save your changes, simply click in any open space within the Storyboard pane.


Heck, Movie Maker can end your film with professional-looking credits as well! Click the down arrow next to the Credits button on the Home tab, and you can choose which credits item you want to add to the end of the movie. The credits item works just like a title item, so it only takes a few seconds to thank your director (remember, that’s you).

Don’t forget to add effects to your titles and credits! When you select your title or credits item, the Ribbon includes a number of different animated effects to choose from — click the Format tab and then click an effect button to check out the result.