How to Add a Cooling Pad to Your Laptop - dummies

How to Add a Cooling Pad to Your Laptop

The ideal accessory for any laptop is the laptop cooling pad. This is a device, similar to the one shown here, on which your laptop sits.


The device contains one or more fans and is powered by either the laptop’s USB port or standard AA batteries. Your laptop sits on the laptop cooling pad and the fans help draw away the heat that the battery and microprocessor generate. The result is a cooler-running laptop, which keeps the laptop happy.

  • Note that the cooling pad runs from the power supplied by the USB port or from its own batteries. That means it’s portable.

  • Sadly, you cannot use a cooling pad with a port replicator or docking station that gets in its way.

  • If you’re getting a USB-powered cooling pad, try to get a model that has a pass-through USB port so that you don’t lose a USB port when you add a cooling pad.

  • Some cooling pads also double as USB hubs.