How to Access Your E-mail from an Outside Network Using Your Laptop

If you have a laptop, and you’re visiting friends or relatives that have their own network, it’s easy to hook into their network and use your laptop to access your e-mail (assuming that they’re open to the idea).

They may offer to set up a personal account for you on their computer. That’s nice, and it’s a good thing to do for security reasons. But all you really need in order to pick up your e-mail is a computer with Internet access. Then you can use your ISP’s Web-based e-mail system to peruse your mail or visit any mail waiting for you on a Web-based e-mail system (Hotmail or Yahoo!, for example).

You should not set up your own e-mail account on a friend’s or relative’s computer. It’s just too much of a security risk. The best option is to pray that your friends or relatives have a wireless connection, and then use your laptop’s wireless network adapter to hook into their network for full Internet access.

If Internet access is disallowed, keep in mind that you still have the library as an option. Coffee shops, bookstores, and other wireless hotspots also have Internet access that you can consider.