Unconventional Netbook Carrying Cases - dummies

Unconventional Netbook Carrying Cases

By Joel McNamara

Part of Netbooks For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A surprising number of cases and containers on the market can fit netbooks like a charm, even though they weren’t designed specifically for the little laptops. You can usually score one of these unconventional netbook cases for less than a bona fide netbook case. Plus, they’re the ultimate in low-profile stealth — who would expect you’re packing a computer in one of the following:

  • Portable DVD case

  • Hardware store tool bag

  • Bible case (from Christian bookstores)

  • Padded lunch sack

  • Military surplus gas mask or map bag

  • Nintendo Wii soft carry bag

  • Rectangular candy tin (with glued in padding)

  • Padded mailing envelope

  • Old day planner binder