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Get Accessories for Your Laptop

Laptop users might benefit from several types of accessories to protect their laptops or add functionality to them. Here are a few laptop accessories to consider:

  • A laptop case helps you to carry the laptop around and also protects it from damage. Some cases are soft-sided, some are hard-sided, and most provide space to store a cable or DVDs for your next road trip.

  • A fingerprint reader comes built in to some laptops. These keep intruders from accessing your computer contents. A fingerprint reader authorizes you via your very unique fingerprint. You can also buy external fingerprint readers.

  • You can buy laptop locks, which connect to your laptop. You can wrap the lock around a desk leg or chair arm (like a bicycle lock). This provides a measure of protection if you have to leave your laptop unattended for a few minutes in a public place.

  • External CD/DVD drives are helpful if you buy a smaller laptop that has no such drive built in. These drives are useful for installing software programs or playing audio or video content.

  • Flash drives are small storage devices that you slot into a USB drive on your laptop. Some flash drives have such a large storage capacity that you can use them as a second hard drive for storing files, and they offer the convenience of being easily moved from one computer to another.