Find More Apps with the Chrome Web Store

By Mark LaFay

The Chrome Web Store has many more apps to offer than what appears by default on your Chromebook. You can search for apps and add them with great ease by taking these steps:

  1. Click the App Launcher icon located in the bottom-right of your screen.

    The App Launcher, a pop-up window containing your applications, appears.

  2. Click the Chrome Web Store icon.

    A Chrome browser window appears and loads the Chrome Web Store.

  3. Browse applications by category or search by name.

  4. Click on a desired application.

    A pop-up window appears that contains information specific to the selected application.

  5. To add an application, click the +Free button located in the top-right of the pop-up window.

    The application is added to your App Launcher.

Launching applications that you’ve added from the Chrome Web Store is the same as apps that come by default with your Chromebook. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the App Launcher icon located in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

    The App Launcher opens.

  2. Move between App Launcher windows until you locate the icon of your recently installed application.

  3. Click the application icon.

    The application launches.

If you’re curious about whether a particular app is useful, or popular, you can go through and read the customer reviews in the Chrome Web Store. These reviews, while they are public opinion, can be helpful in deciding between different apps. The majority of apps in the Web Store are free, so there’s actually little risk in simply trying an application. Worst case scenario, you can always uninstall it.