Features to Look for When You Buy a Laptop Case

The idea behind your laptop case is to safely carry and protect the laptop while you’re traveling; plus, it needs to carry all your laptop toys and other, related goodies. Here’s a list of features to look for when you’re buying a laptop case.

This Eddie Bauer soft nylon case has plenty of pouches, zippers, and storage compartments.

This Eddie Bauer soft nylon case has plenty of pouches, zippers, and storage compartments.
  • Does your laptop fit into the case? You want to ensure that your laptop fits comfortably inside the case and that the case can zip up or close easily with the laptop inside.

  • Get a soft case, not something hard, like the traditional briefcase. A soft case holds the laptop more securely, whereas a laptop tends to jostle around inside a hard case.

  • Does the case have plenty of pouches? You need pouches for storing accessories, office supplies, discs, manuals, Altoids, year-old receipts, and other things you plan on carrying around with you.

  • Your case should open to display two large and separate areas. You can slide your laptop into one and put paper, notepads, or computer accessories into the other area.

  • Zippers are preferred over snaps, buckles, or latches. Be sure, however, that the bag isn’t so snug that the zipper can damage the laptop. In that case, look for those Velcro or “touchless” zippers.

  • Having an easy-access pouch on the case’s outside helps with storing important documents and other information that you need to grab quickly.

  • A carrying handle is a must, but also consider a shoulder strap.

  • A backpack can also make a great laptop carrying case. The bonus here is that shouldering the backpack keeps both your arms and hands free.

  • If you know that you have to carry lots of stuff (or perhaps something heavy, like a printer or video projector), consider getting a laptop case with wheels and a retractable handle.

  • Keep in mind that the bag needs to fit beneath the seat in front of you on an airplane! Don’t get something too big.