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Screen Recording Programs for Your PC Gaming Battles

By Mark L. Chambers

Using today’s crop of screen recording programs you can relive a particularly good match from one of your favorite games. These applications capture whatever’s displayed on your screen as a video clip, and allow you to add your own narration (either in real-time, or after the fact).

No special equipment is needed, although some screen recording programs do enable you to create a picture-in-picture display if you have a webcam connected to your PC.

Besides the opportunities for gloating and admiration, gamers capture the action for tutorials and walk-through videos — check YouTube for your favorite games, and you’ll see plenty of examples where an expert gamer demonstrates a tricky maneuver or complicated battle strategy, explaining how things are done with background narration.

Popular screen recording programs for games include

  • Fraps: A ridiculous name, but this is a great utility (both for capturing in-game screenshots and gigabytes worth of video). Visit the application website to view sample clips and buy the software, which costs $37.

  • PlayClaw: PlayClaw offers a unique voice overlay feature for TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, so you can listen in on the in-game conversations among players along with watching the action. The program can also capture full HD video. PlayClaw costs $38.

  • ZD Soft Screen Recorder: This $39 utility produces both AVI and WMV output and includes a timer that can automatically start and stop recording.