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How to Use Interactive Placement in Your Farming Simulator Mod

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

You can transform (move, rotate, or scale) your selection in Farming Simulator using the transform gizmo or by adjusting values in the Attributes panel. Although doing so works fine within a limited area with only a few objects, it can be tedious to work this way on even a modestly sized map. Fortunately, GIANTS Editor has a very convenient shortcut feature to help, called interactive placement.

Interactive placement allows you to take any selected object and place it on the surface of any other object in your map. To try it, make your selection and then press Ctrl+B (Edit→Interactive Placement in the menu).

At this point, it’s not obvious that anything has happened, but you’re now in an interactive placement mode within the editor. If you left-click anywhere in your scene, your selected object snaps, or is placed on the surface you click.

Even better, if you continue to hold down your left mouse button, you can interactively drag your object around. As you do so, your selection automatically snaps to the surface under your cursor. You can complete the move by releasing the left mouse button. Using this method, you can very quickly move an object from one part of your map to another.

If you don’t want to move the object and instead you want to move a duplicate of it, don’t worry. To duplicate, use the Ctrl+D hotkey combination (Edit→Duplicate). However, that’s only useful on smaller mods. Map editing often involves duplicating and placing a several objects at a time. Fortunately, the interactive placement feature also integrates duplication.

To take advantage of mass duplication, follow these steps:

  1. Select your object and enter interactive placement mode (Ctrl+B).

  2. Press and hold your left mouse button to interactively move your selection around the map.

  3. Press and release Shift.

    Boom. You’ve just placed a duplicate object in your scene.

  4. Keep pressing and releasing Shift to add more duplicates under your cursor.

    This is a very quick way to populate the environment on your map with objects like bushes.

Of course, the downside of cloning objects this way is that all the objects will have the same rotation, making your map look sterile and manufactured rather than natural and somewhat random. Fortunately, GIANTS Editor has a way to help, and it’s also integrated with interactive placement mode.

To use it, select your object, enter interactive placement mode (Ctrl+B) and hold your left mouse button. Instead of pressing Shift to make a duplicate, press Ctrl. Doing this also places a duplicate object in your map as before, but now GIANTS Editor introduces some random rotation along your object’s y-axis (usually the vertical axis).

This method is a great way to populate your scene and give it a more varied, natural appearance. The following shows a quick rundown of the various options you have while in interactive placement mode.

Shortcut Description
Left-click+drag Interactively place selected object
Left-click+drag+Shift Interactively place a duplicate
Left-click+drag+Ctrl Interactively place a randomly rotated duplicate

Any time you add to your scene or duplicate an object, the new object is added at the end of your selection’s parent group in the Scenegraph. Fortunately, the Scenegraph panel automatically scrolls to your selection, so it’s pretty hard to get lost.