How to Prepare a Map Mod in Farming Simulator - dummies

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

Although the easiest way to get started with a map mod in Farming Simulator is to make changes to an existing map, just breaking open a map from the Farming Simulator installation folder and having at it isn’t a great idea.

Doing so would affect default gameplay on your computer and may cause the game not to work at all in multiplayer mode. More importantly, however, your newly modified map wouldn’t be structured in a way that would be easy to share with other people who play Farming Simulator.

Here are the steps for making your own map mod in Farming Simulator.

  1. Create a new folder in the Farming Simulator mods folder.

    You can do this on your desktop, but you can also make your folders right in Farming Simulator’s mods folder, because that’s ultimately where the map needs to end up if you want to play it. On Windows, you can find the mods folder in DocumentsMyGamesFarmingSimulator2015mods.

    When naming the folder for your mod, keep in mind these simple rules:

    • You can’t use spaces or special characters (such as @ or &) in the name.

    • You can’t use numbers to start the name.

    So, for example, myExcellentMap is an acceptable folder name, whereas naming your folder 1stMap@theMoon won’t work when trying to load it in the game.

  2. Within your new custom folder for your mod, create a subfolder named map.

  3. Start GIANTS Editor.

    You can then build your own map from scratch. However, starting is much easier if you have some base elements in place. You may want your map mod to be based on the default map that ships with Farming Simulator.

  4. Load an existing game map.

    For example, C:Program FilesFarming Simulator 2015datamapsmap01.i3d.

  5. Export the map to your custom folder by choosing File→Export All with Files from the menu.

    When the file browser appears, navigate to the map folder within the custom mod folder you created (for instance, myExcellentMap), name the file map01.i3d, and click the Save button. The default map has quite a few assets included with it, so it might take a little while for the export process to complete, depending on how powerful your computer is.

    Remember that you’re exporting the map in this step. You’re not saving it, regardless of what the button in the file browser says. Saving might make Farming Simulator unplayable in multiplayer with that map. Exporting doesn’t have this potential effect.

  6. After exporting, close GIANTS Editor.

    If the editor prompts you to save, click No.

  7. Extract Farming Simulator SDK to your custom mod folder.

    The Farming Simulator SDK ships with the program. It’s a Zip file in the sdk folder where Farming Simulator is installed (in Windows, look for something like C:Program FilesFarming Simulator

    To extract the Zip file ( on a Windows computer, right-click the Zip file and choose Extract All. A dialog will ask where you want to extract the files. Click the Browse button in the dialog and navigate to the map folder you made within your mod’s custom folder (for example, DocumentsMyGamesFarmingSimulator2015modsmyExcellentMap).

    And that’s it! Now you can begin editing your map mod.