How to Import Your Farming Simulator Mod into GIANTS Editor - dummies

How to Import Your Farming Simulator Mod into GIANTS Editor

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

By now, you may be ready to get your files into a proper Farming Simulator mod. If you exported an I3D file, you can immediately test the export by opening it directly in GIANTS Editor.

You can either double-click the file in your operating system’s file manager (Windows Explorer in Windows, Finder in Mac OS X) or you can open the file from within GIANTS Editor using the File menu (File→Open).

The more common scenario is that you’ve already started a mod and you’re pulling more 3D content into it. For that, the preferred method is to use File→Import from the menu in GIANTS Editor. Doing so brings up a file browser dialog that allows you to choose either an I3D or FBX file to bring into your scene.

Simply navigate to the file you want, select it, and click the Open button. Assuming the I3D or FBX file is properly formatted (if it’s not properly formatted, you’ll get an error and you’ll need to try to reexport your model, probably with different options enabled), you should see your 3D object open and viewable in GIANTS Editor.

If you open or import an I3D file and you only see a black silhouette of your object, don’t worry. Nothing is broken. You just need to add a light to your scene (Create→Light) to make the surface materials and textures of your 3D object visible within the editor.