How to Export Your Farming Simulator Mod with FBX - dummies

How to Export Your Farming Simulator Mod with FBX

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

For Farming Simulator modding, new to GIANTS Editor 6.0 is another way to use 3D content out of Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, and even a few other DCC applications. GIANTS Editor supports the FBX file format, an interchange format owned by Autodesk.

FBX is available as an export option for nearly all modern 3D DCC tools.

Granted, some programs support FBX more completely than others, but if you’re using a program that doesn’t have an I3D exporter, such as Modo or Softimage, FBX is the best option you have available. In some cases, like if you’re using Maya LT, which is a lightweight version of Maya geared specifically toward producing video game assets, FBX is your only export option (GIANTS Editor doesn’t support the OBJ format).

Consult the documentation of your 3D program to get specifics on how much of the FBX format is supported and the exact steps you take to export. That said, the following outlines the basic steps for exporting to FBX in Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max:

  • Blender: Make sure you have the FBX exporter add-on enabled (it’s enabled by default). Then choose File→Export→Autodesk FBX (.fbx) from the menu. Options for the FBX format are available on the left region of the File Browser.

  • Maya: Choose File→Export All from the menu and set the Files of type drop-down menu to FBX export from the file browser dialog. Options for the FBX format are available on the right side of the file browser dialog.

  • 3ds Max: Click the Max button and choose Export→Export. From the file browser dialog, set your output destination and pick Autodesk (*.FBX) from the Save as type drop-down menu. When you click Save, a new dialog window appears with options for exporting to the FBX format.