How to Export Your Farming Simulator Mod from Maya - dummies

How to Export Your Farming Simulator Mod from Maya

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

You can use Maya to export your Farming Simulator mod. Autodesk’s Maya is probably the most commonly used 3D digital content creation (DCC) tool in the video game industry at this time. The price tag can be a bit steep for an independent mod maker, but it’s certainly the go-to tool for many professional 3D artists. You can try it with a 30-day trial that you download from Autodesk’s website.

Installing the I3D exporter plugin

Installing the Maya I3D exporter plugin is a simple process. An installer handles the whole thing for you.

You can find the installer in the sdk folder where FarmingSimulator is installed on your computer (or your Downloads folder if you got the latest version from the GDN). The file-name of the installer should be something like maya_i3d_export_6.0.0.exe.

The installer should be able to detect where you have Maya installed on your computer and offer a checkbox for that location. Assuming it’s correct, click the Install button.


After the installer finishes, start (or restart) Maya. You should notice a custom shelf named GIANTS. In that shelf is an icon for GIANTS I3D Tools.


When first installed, the GIANTS shelf appears on the far right after Maya’s Custom shelf.

Exporting your mod

To export your mod from Maya so that GIANTS Editor can load it, click the GIANTS I3D Tools icon in the GIANTS shelf. This brings up the GIANTS I3D Tools dialog.


You may notice a lot of options and settings, spread across four different tabs. Generally speaking, you can leave all options at their default values. You absolutely must make one change, which is in the Output File section of the Export tab. You need to set the File Location, which is the location on your hard drive where the exporter puts the I3D file.

You manually can type in that path, but the easier way is to click the folder icon to the right of the File Location text field and use the file browser to specify where the file goes. Typically, this location is the folder where your mod is.

With the File Location set, just click the Export All button and the whole scene is exported as an I3D file that you can open in GIANTS Editor.