How to Define Material Settings in Your Farming Simulator Mod - dummies

How to Define Material Settings in Your Farming Simulator Mod

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

Setting up a material for your Farming Simulator mod in Blender is remarkably easy. For the most part, you stick with the default settings for the following on your mod:

Main materials

For your mod’s main material, the standard Lambert diffuse shader and Cook-Torrance (CookTorr) specular shaders work just fine. If your mod has a more metal-like surface, you may want to dial down the Hardness value on the specular shader. The default is 50, which is a bit plastic looking; setting it to 25 works nicely.

Change the name of your material from Material to something that makes more sense, like myVehicleMod_mat. That’s basically it. The only other thing you should do is make sure that each of the subobjects in your mod are also using the same material datablock.

The user count for your material (the number next to your material’s name in the data block selector of Material Properties) should equal the number of objects in your mod that aren’t wheels, windows, or coronas.


The material for your wheels should be roughly the same as your main material. You may want to turn down the hardness in the specular shader even more (like around 20) because tires typically aren’t shiny unless they’re polished for being displayed on a showroom floor. Again, name your material something logical, like wheels_mat and make sure all of your wheel objects use this material.


The settings for your window material require a little bit more tweaking. Starting with the default material, you need to make a couple changes:

  • Set the specular color to black.

  • Enable the checkbox for the Transparency panel.

You may be tempted to play with the Alpha value in the Transparency panel or shift the hue on the diffuse color to be slightly bluer. Don’t. You can set both of them with a texture very quickly. And unlike the main material and your wheels material, your window material should only be assigned to one object. All glass meshes should be joined (Ctrl+J) into this single object.

Corona materials

For corona materials, start with the same settings your window material has and then add a few things, such as:

  • Enable the Shadeless checkbox in the Shading panel.

  • In the Custom Properties panel, add a new property called customShader with a value of emissiveBillboardShader.xml. The I3D exporter uses this custom property. You just need to make sure you have that particular XML file in the same folder as your mod.

You can get the emissiveBillboardShader.xml file from the sample mod that comes in the sdk folder where Farming Simulator is installed on your computer.