How to Create Store and Brand Icons for Your Farming Simulator Mod - dummies

How to Create Store and Brand Icons for Your Farming Simulator Mod

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

How a Farming Simulator mod appears in the in-game store can really add to the feeling of completeness. You spent all of this time sweating over every minor detail in creating the 3D assets and scripts for your mod. Don’t cheapen it by slapping on a store icon cobbled together in a few minutes in MS Paint.

Furthermore, quite a few mod-hosting sites use the in-game icon as the link to see your mod, so you want to make a good first impression with players who may use your mod. You can wow players with the right store and brand icons.

Editing a store icon

Requirements for the store icon are pretty straightforward — a PNG (or DDS) image that’s 256×256 pixels in dimension. In fact, included in Farming Simulator’s sdk folder (typically C:Program FilesFarming Simulator 2015sdk on a Windows computer) is an image named store_template.png. If you open that file in Photoshop, you can use it as a background for a nice image of your mod.

You can render a relatively high-resolution image of the model from your 3D software. However, some people prefer a more in-game look. For that, you can take a screenshot of your mod from within GIANTS Editor. In either case, you can clean and scale that image in Photoshop so it fits in the available space of store_template.png.

If you’re rendering from a 3D program like Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max, try to render a PNG with an alpha channel for transparency. Doing so can make it easier to overlay on the background of store_template.png.

If you’re taking a screenshot from within GIANTS Editor, you probably added at least one light so your mod could be seen well. You can hide the lines of that light for a cleaner screenshot by toggling View→Show→Lights to off in the menu.

After you get your store icon image arranged the way you want, save it as a PNG (or better, a DDS) in your mod’s folder. Make sure you use a name that makes sense and double-check that your modDesc.xml correctly points to that image.

Adding a brand icon

Whether your mod is a piece of equipment with a known brand or something that you’ve made on your own, you may want to include an icon for the store that indicates the brand. Brand icons follow the same basic rules as store icons for your mod with only a couple minor differences. Brand icons are PNG or DDS images and have dimensions of 256×128 pixels.