How to Create Farmable Land on Your Farming Simulator Map

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

Since you’re in Farming Simulator, it’s likely you will want to create some farmable land. Approach the process of creating fields the same way you would if you were farming in real life. Just use this simple two-step procedure:

  1. Prepare the land for planting.

  2. Plant your crops.

This section covers the first of these two steps. With Terrain Foliage Paint Mode enabled, go to the Foliage Layer Painting section of the Terrain Editing panel and choose terrainDetail from the Foliage Layer drop-down menu.

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. Look at the Foliage Layer Painting section of the Terrain Editing panel and notice an array of checkboxes, each with a number next to it. These checkboxes are your foliage channels, the bitmask that defines what your foliage brush paints on the map.

For the terrainDetail foliage layer, you only use channels 0 through 6. Channels 0, 1, 2, and 3 define the type of terrain detail you’re painting. These are exclusive channels, meaning that you should enable one of them at a time. That is, if channel 1 is enabled, make sure 0, 2, and 3 are disabled. Here is the type of ground detail each of these first four channels enables.

Channel Ground Detail
0 Cultivated land
1 Ploughed land
2 Seeded/planted land
3 Seeded/planted potatoes

Channels 4 through 6 aren’t exclusive; you can mix them with each other as well as any of the other channels.

Channel Ground Detail
4 Sprayed/fertilized land
5 Rotate detail texture 45°clockwise
6 Rotate detail texture 90°
5+6 Rotate detail texture 45° counterclockwise

For example, if you want to have seeded terrain that’s been fertilized and rotated by 45°clockwise, you would enable the checkboxes for channels 2, 4, and 5. To actually paint the ground detail in your map, find a relatively even area and left-click + drag your mouse cursor as if you were texture painting.

You can change the terrain back to its precultivated level using your right mouse button, essentially erasing your foliage and terrain detail back to its raw state. You can also use this erase operation by disabling all of your foliage channels, but doing so is a much slower process.