How to Bring Sounds into Your Farming Simulator Mod - dummies

How to Bring Sounds into Your Farming Simulator Mod

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

Once you have sounds properly created and edited for your Farming Simulator mod, you need to bring them in. To bring a properly trimmed and formatted sound file into GIANTS Editor and, ultimately, your mod, follow these steps:

  1. From GIANTS Editor, choose Create→AudioSource.

  2. Navigate to the location on your hard drive where your sound file is and select it.

    Really, this should be the same folder where the rest of your mod lives.

  3. Click Open.

After you do these steps, an audio source is added to your scene. In the 3D Viewport, it looks like a little wireframe speaker in the center of a giant wireframe sphere. You should also be able to see it at the bottom of your Scenegraph, named audio.

You can, of course, rename it from the Attributes panel and nest it within another object’s hierarchy or transform group by using cut and paste in the Scenegraph. You also have a few audio-specific controls in the Audio tab of the Attributes panel.


The following is a quick rundown of the settings available in the Audio tab of the Attributes panel:

  • Filename: The path to your audio file. It isn’t editable from within GIANTS Editor. The only way to change the path is to open the I3D file in a text editor like Notepad++. Deleting the audio source and readding it from its new location is often easier.

  • Range: The radius, in meters, from the center of the audio source object so a player while in-game can hear the sound.

  • Inner range: Sounds don’t just turn off when you’re out of range. They fade out. The inner range defines how far away from the audio source the fading begins. Realistically, sounds start fading immediately, but this is one of those cases where realism doesn’t always give the best gameplay results.

  • Volume: This number is multiplied by the internal gain or volume of the sound file. If your exported sound is too soft or too loud, you can adjust this value a bit. If you always change this setting, then you should make the edit in your original sound file so this parameter can stay at 1.

  • Loop: Works as advertised. If this checkbox is enabled, the sound always loops or plays again from the start when it gets to the end.

  • Frequency: This should be the sample rate of your sound file. This value is for informational purposes. It can’t be edited from GIANTS Editor. Resampling needs to be done with your audio editing software.

  • Duration: The length of your audio file, in milliseconds. Like Frequency, it’s not editable and is only in the interface for informational purposes.