How to Add Plant Life to Your Farming Simulator Map - dummies

How to Add Plant Life to Your Farming Simulator Map

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

You will need plant life on your Farming Simulator map. To include foliage to your land, use the exact same steps for painting foliage as you would for painting terrain detail. From the Foliage Layer Painting section of the Terrain Editing panel:

  1. Choose your foliage layer.

  2. Adjust the foliage channel bitmask to control details.

  3. Paint your foliage.

The foliage channels are more complex for plant life than they are for ground details. For plant life, the first four channels (0 through 3) control the type of plant. The next row of channels (4 through 7) dictates that plant’s growth state.

In the third row of channels, only channel 8 has any effect. It defines whether the crop is in a windrow (a row of cut vegetation, ready to be baled or stored) or not. Check out the various states of the first row of foliage channels.

Foliage Channels Type of Crop
0 Wheat
1 Grass
2 Barley
3 Sugar beet
0+1 Rape (canola)
0+2 Maize (corn)
1+2 Dry grass
1+2+3 Potato

Fortunately, GIANTS Editor helps you out a bit here. When choosing the crop you want from the Foliage Layer drop-down menu, it automatically sets the bitmask for the first four foliage channels. Growth states for each type of plant is a different matter. Here are all of the various growth state values for each type of crop.

Bits Normal Crops Grass Potato Sugar beet
4 State A State A State A State A
5 State B State B State B State B
4+5 State C State C State C State C
6 State D State D State D State D
4+6 Fully grown Fully grown Growing (sowing width) Fully grown
5+6 Fully grown Fully grown Fully grown (sowing width) Fully grown
4+5+6 Fully grown Fully grown N/A Fully grown
7 Withered Fully grown N/A Withered
4+7 Cut short Fully grown Cut short (sowing) N/A
5+7 N/A Fully grown Prepared for cutting (sowing width) Prepared for cutting

Painting ground details and foliage can be a time-consuming process. Don’t forget to save your work on your map as you go.