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Gaming Glasses for the Dedicated Gamer

By Mark L. Chambers

There’s a recent arrival to gaming with close ties to the world of high-definition TVs: gaming glasses, which offer 1080p HD 3D play on your PC. You can also use these glasses to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies (if your system’s graphics card, optical drive, and monitor support Blu-Ray) and view 3D photographs.

Although gaming glasses do indeed have a lot in common with the 3D glasses used with many of today’s high-definition TVs, there’s more to them than just simple blue and red lenses.

For example, NVIDIA sells a pair of 3D glasses for gamers called the 3D Vision 2 that requires a 3D Vision-compatible monitor (or projector), an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, and games and software especially written for 3D Vision 2. These glasses use a wireless infrared connection to your PC (the USB infrared receiver is included).

Naturally, because NVIDIA is a prime mover and shaker in the gaming community, 3D Vision 2 is already well-supported on the latest titles (currently, more than 600 games are compatible). The system sells for about $130 online.

As with 3D televisions that use glasses, it’s a very good idea to try out 3D Vision locally (if possible) before you buy — some people experience severe eyestrain after a prolonged period of 3D viewing, and there are sometimes problems fitting 3D glasses over prescription glasses.