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Fortnite Game Platforms: PC/Mac, Console, or Mobile

By Bill Loguidice

Although Fortnite originally started out as a PC exclusive, the game’s framework was designed in such a way that it made ports to other platforms practical. These other platforms include Apple Mac computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

As of this writing, the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms support every available game mode. Players on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch systems, on the other hand, do not have access to the player-versus-environment game mode, Save the World.

PC/Mac Fortnite platform

A PC or Mac computer is an ideal Fortnite platform. It has every game mode, as shown in the following figure, and you can choose to play either with a traditional keyboard/mouse combination or with a game controller.

Fortnite game modes
Game mode options on the PC version of Fortnite.

Refer to the following table for minimum and recommended system requirements. If your computer is closer to the minimum than recommended requirements, check out How to Adjust Settings in Fortnite for information about settings you can adjust to tweak performance.

PC and Mac Minimum and Recommended System Requirements
System Component Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OSX Sierra Same
CPU Processor Core i3 2.4 Ghz Processor Core i5 2.8 Ghz
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Video Card Intel HD 4000 Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU
Video Memory Shared 2 GB VRAM

The Fortnite Android/iOS platform

On a mobile device, Fortnite can be a bit more challenging to play than it is on some of the other platforms, but it’s still a great way to game on-the-go or when your computer or console is otherwise tied up. Although there’s limited support for game controllers, Fortnite on iOS and Android is designed around the touchscreen experience, so you don’t need anything other than the smartphone or tablet you already have to enjoy the experience.

For Apple iOS devices, you’ll need iOS11 or greater. If you want to play on an iPhone, you’ll need an iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, or X series device or later. If you want to play on an iPad, you’ll need an iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, 2017, Pro or later. Naturally, the larger the screen, the better the experience.

As of this writing, Fortnite support on Android devices is still limited. In fact, Epic Games has chosen to avoid distributing the game through the Google Play Store, instead making it available only on its own website through a Fortnite Installer program, as well as on Samsung’s app store and Game Launcher for owners of Samsung devices.

For safety reasons, only download the Android version of the game from the Epic Games website or Samsung’s app store. Any other source that claims to have the game is likely to try to install an unrelated program that might compromise the security of your smartphone or tablet.

You will need to request the installer from the Epic Games website, or, if you have a Samsung device, from Samsung’s app store, to determine whether your device is compatible. Generally speaking, newer, name brand devices that feature at least 64-bit Android 8.0, 3GB of RAM, and a GPU with Adreno 530, Mali-H71 MP20, or Mali-G72 MP12 have a good chance of being compatible.

The Fortnite Xbox One/PlayStation 4 platforms

The only other way to get the full Fortnite experience outside of a PC is on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Fortnite is compatible with all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, but, as with many games, visual and other performance improvements may exist when played on the PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X. Regardless of the version of console you play it on, all Fortnite features are available and accessible from the standard gamepad. If you want a more PC-like experience, keyboard and mouse support is also available for both consoles.

For Xbox One owners, you will need to have an Xbox Live account and an active Xbox Live Gold membership to participate in the game. For PlayStation 4 owners, you do not need a PlayStation Plus membership to play the game.

The Fortnite Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular Fortnite platforms. Thanks to the Switch’s unique ability to play on the go as well on a TV, it combines some of the best features of the more advanced console and portable mobile experiences. The Switch’s standard control configuration for its Joy-Cons is available, but you can also use the Pro Controller or Motion Controls should those suit your needs better.

For Nintendo Switch owners, you do not need Nintendo Switch Online to play the game.

Cross-platform play

A typical problem with online videogames is the issue of bridging platforms. Your friends or family members may own the same game as you, but if they own a different system, you’re unlikely to be able to play with or against each other. Fortnite is the very first game that solves this problem by allowing cross-platform between today’s computers, consoles, and mobile devices, with the last holdout, Sony, finally getting with the program and allowing an exception for Fortnite on PlayStation 4.

Regardless of the platform you’re playing on, as mentioned earlier in this chapter, you need an Epic Games account for cross-platform play, as well as to synchronize your progress between systems. If you or your friends and family are signed up only on a specific platform’s account, then that account will need to be linked to an Epic Games account to join in on the cross-platform fun. All but Solo mode games, which, by definition, exclude teams, are available for cross-platform play.