Chromebook Window Controls - dummies

Chromebook Window Controls

By Mark LaFay

The other main feature of your Chromebook desktop is the window system. When opened, almost all applications will load into a system of windows, much as they would on a Windows or Apple computer. The difference, though, is that the windows on a Chromebook are all Chrome web browser windows.

By default, a newly opened window appears maximized, which means that it fills the screen. You can close a window by clicking the X located in the top-right corner. Next to the X in the top-right corner of the window is a square icon.

Clicking this icon will shrink the window enough to be moved and manipulated by clicking and dragging. However, hovering your mouse over the square icon gives you access to a menu with three other options:

  • Clicking the leftmost button shrinks the window so that it occupies only the left half of the screen.

  • Clicking the middle button minimizes the window, meaning it will remove the window from the screen, hiding it behind the Chrome icon on your shelf. To restore the window, just click the Chrome icon.

  • Clicking the rightmost button shrinks the window so that it occupies only the right half of the screen.