Chromebook Shortcut Key Combinations for Pages

By Mark LaFay

The keyboard your Chromebook uses has evolved very little. However, there are Chromebook keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and make your browsing more efficient. This table shows key combinations for navigating pages.

Shortcuts for Pages
Shortcut Function
Alt+up arrow Page up.
Alt+down arrow Page down.
Spacebar Scroll down the web page.
Ctrl+Alt+up arrow Home.
Ctrl+Alt+down arrow End.
Ctrl+P Print your current page.
Ctrl+S Save your current page.
Ctrl+R Reload your current page.
Ctrl+Shift+R Reload your current page without using cached content.
Ctrl++ (plus sign) Zoom in on the page.
Ctrl+- (dash) Zoom out on the page.
Ctrl+0 Reset zoom level.
Esc Stop the loading of your current page.
Alt-click a link Open the link in a new tab in the background.
Ctrl+D Save your current webpage as a bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+D Save all open pages in your current window as bookmarks in a
new folder.
Ctrl+F Open the find bar to search your current page.
Ctrl+G or Enter Go to the next match for your input in the find bar.
Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+Enter Go to the previous match for your input in the find bar.
Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E Perform a search. Type a search term after the question mark in
the address bar and press Enter.
Ctrl+Enter Add www. and .com to your input in the address bar and open
the resulting URL.
Ctrl+Reveal All Windows Take a screenshot of your current page.
Ctrl+Shift+Reveal All Windows Take a partial screenshot.
Ctrl+U View page source.
Ctrl+Shift+I Toggle the display of the Developer Tools panel.
Ctrl+Shift+J Toggle the display of the DOM Inspector.