Chromebook: Listen to a Radio Station - dummies

Chromebook: Listen to a Radio Station

By Mark LaFay

Google Play allows you to create or listen to existing “radio” stations — essentially playlists of songs generated on the fly by Google Play. The songs are chosen according to their similarity to a song, artist, or album you specify.

You must have a premium Google Play account to create a radio station. If you have a premium account, follow these steps to create your first radio station:

  1. Click the Listen Now link on the top-left of the Google Play Music window.

    The Listen Now window loads.

  2. Specify the song, album, or artist on which your radio station will be based.

    In the Search bar, enter the name of this song, album, or artist, then click the Search button to the right of the Search bar.

    The search results are calculated and loaded into the window.

  3. Click the desired result and, in the associated Profile page that loads, find the song, album, or artist you’re looking for and click the Start Radio button.

    If you’re searching for a song rather than an artist or album, you must right-click the song to reveal the Start Radio option.

    The radio station is created, and a playlist of related songs begins to play.