Chromebook: How to Use Autofill on Google Sheets - dummies

Chromebook: How to Use Autofill on Google Sheets

By Mark LaFay

The Autofill feature in Sheets on your Chromebook makes it easy for you to copy and paste a particular pattern of data or to expand a series of data without having to manually enter the data or use the Copy and Paste feature repeatedly. To use Autofill to expand a series of data, follow these steps:

  1. In cell A1, type the word Monday.

  2. In cell A2, type the word Tuesday.

  3. In cell A3, type the word Wednesday.

  4. Click on cell A1 and select these cells by dragging your cursor down to cell A3.

    Notice that a blue square appears in the bottom-right corner of your selection, as pictured in this figure.


  5. Click the blue Autofill square and drag your selection down to Cell A10.

  6. Release your click.

    Sheets automatically fills your selection with the identified sequence, as shown here.


You can use Autofill to complete most sequences as long as you give Autofill enough information to guess what your sequence is. If Autofill can’t identify your sequence, it simply replicates your data as a pattern.