Chromebook: How to Track Revisions - dummies

Chromebook: How to Track Revisions

By Mark LaFay

Keeping track of revisions is very important when creating documents on your Chromebook with multiple collaborators. Luckily, Google Docs handles version control masterfully. The Revision History tool, however, is not intended to be used as a Track Changes tool.

As you and your collaborators make changes to your documents, Docs will time-and-date stamp those changes so that you can view previous versions of your document and even revert to an earlier version if you need to.

  1. Open the File menu in the Docs Applications menu.

  2. Select See Revision History.

    A Revision History box appears in the right portion of your screen. The box contains the various versions of your document in order from most recent to oldest.


  3. Click a revision date in the Revision History box.

    A preview of the revision you chose appears in the main document area. Changes that occurred between versions appear in green.

  4. To change versions, click Restore This Revision.

    The restored version becomes the current version and the previous version of the application is saved in the Revision History so you can revert back to it if needed.