Power Management in Windows Vista

Power management is controlled in the Power Options window. To get to the power management controls from the Control Panel Home, choose System and Maintenance and then choose Power Options. From the Control Panel Classic view, open the Power Options icon. The Power Options window, as shown in the following figure, opens.

Use the Power Options window for power management.
Use the Power Options window for power management.

The Power Options window features three preset plans for managing the power in your PC, as listed in the following table. Each plan differs mainly in how two timeout values are set: for the display and for putting the computer into Sleep mode.

Windows Vista Power Management Plans
Plan Name Turn Off Display After Put PC to Sleep After
Balanced 1 hour 2 hours
Power Saver 20 minutes 1 hour
High Performance 1 hour Never

To choose a plan, click the radio button next to the plan name. Close the Power Options window and you’re done. You can also customize any plan or create your own plan.