Activate Hybrid Sleep on Windows PCs - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Somewhere between Sleep mode and hibernation is the hybrid sleep feature for your Windows 7 or Vista PC. (Hybrid sleep is not available in Windows XP). It’s like hibernation in that information stored in memory (RAM) is saved to disk but the computer doesn’t fully turn itself off. Instead, as when it’s in Sleep mode, you can quickly resume computer operation by touching a key or moving the mouse.

The advantage of hybrid sleep is that you can quickly resume computer operations and avoid the risk of losing data if the power goes out. But to use hybrid sleep, it must be activated. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Click the Hardware and Sound heading.

  3. Click the Power Options heading.

    You see a list of power plans for your computer. One of them is selected, which shows the power savings plan your PC uses.

  4. Click the link Change Plan Settings beneath the selected plan.

  5. Click the link Change Advanced Power Settings.

    The Power Options dialog box appears.


  6. Open the Sleep item by clicking the plus (+) sign.

  7. Open the item Allow Hybrid Sleep.

  8. Click the blue text and choose On from the button menu.

    When your PC has two power sources, you need to choose On for both settings.

  9. Click OK to confirm your choice and activate hybrid sleep.

  10. Close the remaining dialog boxes and windows.

When hybrid sleep is active, choosing the Sleep command places the computer into Hybrid Sleep mode.

  • Hybrid sleep isn’t available in Windows XP.

  • If you have disabled hibernation, the hybrid sleep feature may not function properly. Specifically, hybrid sleep may not recover unsaved data if the feature is on and the power goes out.