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How to Extend Your Personal Brand and Reaching a Wider Audience with Articles

By Susan Chritton

Articles express your expertise and help develop your presence and personal brand as a thought leader in a particular area. Writing articles is much easier than writing a book and can expose you to a large number of people in your target market. If you write with frequency, you can become known as an expert in a relatively short period of time.

Not sure where you would try to get an article published? Most professional groups have a newsletter and are often looking for people to write articles for them. You may not be paid, but the point is to get yourself in front of new readers; you reap rewards by building your reputation.

Also, search for reputable websites that relate to your field of interest and expertise; fresh, well-written content should find an online home fairly easily. Identify your target audience and develop a list of print and electronic media to contact regarding article submissions.

As far as what you should write about, ask yourself these questions:

  • When I’m talking about my work, what do I enjoy discussing?

  • Who would like to read what I’m qualified to write about?

  • What topics demonstrate my expertise?

If you’re writing with a specific newsletter, website, or other medium in mind, be sure to inquire about the preferred length of an article and whether you need to follow any specific conventions when writing. The more closely you align your material with the medium’s needs, the greater your chances of having an article accepted.

If you’re comfortable with writing, ideally you want to generate articles on a regular basis so that your name stays fresh in the minds of your audience members.