How to Deal with Frustration as an Actor - dummies

How to Deal with Frustration as an Actor

By Larry Garrison, Wallace Wang

Part of Breaking Into Acting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Don’t give up on your dreams of being an actor when you’re feeling frustrated. To relax and revive your acting aspirations, try some of these suggestions:

  • Meditate or practice yoga

  • Treat yourself to a spa, massage, or a hot bath

  • Take a class to overcome your weaknesses as an actor

  • Look for a day job that you may actually like

  • Participate in non-show business activities, such as sports, volunteering at a hospital or charity, or enjoying a hobby

  • Work off some steam — take a karate, boxing, or aerobic workout class

  • Start or join a support group with fellow actors

  • See a movie, go to a play, or read a good book

  • Read a positive-thinking book or listen to motivational tapes

  • Browse through one of the trade publications such as Variety or Hollywood Reporter

  • Pursue an additional show business career (writing, stand-up comedy, filmmaking, and so on)

  • Take a vacation (It can be as simple as a one day trip to the beach or a two week trip to Europe.)

  • Take time to develop a plan for advancing your acting career