Creating the Right Mindset for Your Job Search - dummies

Creating the Right Mindset for Your Job Search

By Marty Nemko, Richard N. Bolles

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Approaching your job search with a good mindset makes your search more successful and maybe even fun. Stay upbeat, conquer your fears, and face the job search head on. Don’t get yourself tied up in psychological knots, try these practical tips for a successful job search:

  • If you wait until you actually feel confident, you may be waiting for Godot. Think back to when you were most confident and pretend to be that self.

  • There’s no shame in asking people for job leads — today, it seems like almost everyone is looking for a better job. And you’re imposing minimally: Listening to your request for a job lead takes no more time than when you stopped a stranger on the street asking for directions.

  • Embrace up to 20 rejections. Successful people are often rejected. If, however, you’ve been rejected 20 times in a row, you may need to change your job target or improve your skill set.