Taking the Six Steps to Successful Crowdsourcing - dummies

Taking the Six Steps to Successful Crowdsourcing

By David Alan Grier

Part of Crowdsourcing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you crowdsource, you go through a series of six steps that prepare the job, get the job to the crowd and collect the final work product. Many of these steps are supported by crowdsourcing platforms – web services that guide you through these steps. Most of these platforms give you an easy connection to crowds and handle all the details of compensating the crowd.

Here are the six steps to successful crowdsourcing:

  1. Design the job and divide the labour.

  2. Write clear instructions.

  3. Choose a web platform to serve as your crowdmarket.

  4. Release the job and recruit the crowd.

  5. Listen to the crowd and manage the job.

  6. Assemble the work of the crowd and create the final product.