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What Are Must Have Apps for Social Media Marketing?

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Social media marketing is most successful when approached from multiple angles, including some must have apps. The best way to keep your community coming back at all is to offer a good mix of content. To make the most of your Facebook Timeline, do more than update with business items.

Facebook allows you to be more than a place to drop the occasional comment. You can also take advantage of an amazing array of apps to use as tabs on your Timeline.

You can find apps for everything from highlighting your other social media brand pages to receiving feedback and highlighting your community.

You can find apps at Facebook’s Apps section or a Facebook app website. While many are free, just as many have a cost.

What follows is a list of apps to explore for your Timeline:

  • FAQ Tab: Having a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ tab on your Timeline gives you the ability to share plenty of details about your company. It’s also a place where people can come for more information. Plus, the app allows users to ask their own questions, which you can answer.


  • Contact Me: Enables you to create a contact form for community members to reach out and offer comments and feedback. Find Contact Me at

  • Google+ Tab: Allow your Facebook community to see your Google+ updates with this easy-to-install tab.

  • Pinvolve: Allows your community to Pin to Pinterest any photos you upload to your Facebook Timeline.

  • Live Help: Enables you to answer your community members’ questions in real time.

  • EventBrite for Pages: EventBrite enables you to create a registration and RSVP system for events, such as parties, conferences, and networking mixers. As EventBrite also enables you to share and promote your event, and doesn’t cost a dime, it’s one of the more popular event apps out there.

  • UserVoice: An app enabling you to collect customer feedback, UserVoice doesn’t come cheap. It’s $89 to use, but if learning from your community is important, it’s well worth the price.

Take some time to browse the apps available to brands on Facebook and find those that create an interactive, engaging experience for your community. When you provide a fun, interesting environment, people will come back often.