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Top 10 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Content

By Mathew Sweezey

You’re going to need lots of content to use with your marketing automaton tool. Make sure to go over these tips when creating content or looking for new content mediums to use.

Surveys drive engagement

Surveys give you insights that you would never have gained otherwise. Never create content without finding out what people want first. You should spend more time finding out what people want than creating content, and surveys help you determine what people want. Surveys also help you to engage with prospects because you are not selling, but just asking questions.

Stage-based content is king

You should find out what people want in different stages of their buying cycle. My research reveals that 77 percent of people want content tailored to their buyer stage. Stage-based content doesn’t have to be long; it can be as simple as sharing the URL of a tweet you have seen. The key is to know what is relevant, not just to provide content.

Content length is crucial

The goal of your content will determine the length of your content. In a majority of cases, your content should be under five pages total and should always be helpful. You should consider what the goal of your content is before you decide on a length. It is okay for some pieces to be longer than five pages if you have a specific goal and the content fits that goal. Just keep in mind that most of the time, staying under five pages is best.

Don’t become outdated: Think evergreen

When you create content, consider striving to make some of it “evergreen.” This means that it will not be dated any time soon. Such content has no dates, events, or time-sensitive topics in it. You can use content like this in nurturing campaigns for years to come.

Make content visual

There currently is a major trend in creating visually focused content called infographics. The more visual you can make your content, the better. Videos are the number-one type of item shared on Twitter.

Kill your bad content

Killing off bad pieces of content can increase the conversion rates of your good content because you clear the way for an easier decision for your prospect. Before you create new content, evaluate why your old content isn’t working and then fix it.

Many people fail to ever kill content because they believe that more is better. More is not better. The truth is that more creates more friction for a person, and they convert less. Harvard proved this theory with its study about how many options you should give a prospect. The study found that three is the best; however, you have probably have more than three pieces of content in your library. If so, keep the good ones and kill the rest.

Interview people

Interviews provide you with some of the best content you can create. An interview gives you a fresh, new article that nobody else has. It reveals you as a thought leader by highlighting other great minds. It also gives you a stockpile of quotes to use in other writings and can build a great relationship with the person you are interviewing.

If you happen to interview very high-level people, you also expose your brand to people you might never have reached otherwise.

Learn HTML 5

HTML 5 is the future of content. If you are into visual content, you need to get experience with HTML 5 to take your content to the next level.

Most people overuse infographics and white papers. HTML 5 will allow you to take these mediums to the next level with interactive elements. Your infographic can now change with the click of a mouse, and your white paper can show different calls to action based on who is looking at it. Make sure that your designers are working in HTML 5 as soon as possible.

Insource more content

Don’t look to outsource content; instead, look inside your own organization. Many people have great things to say and should be given the opportunity to voice them. Find your best talent, create a weekly segment for them, and let them shine.

Distribution is key

What good is content if you have no one to read it? Learn the art of distribution through social channels. I suggest reading the book Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers, by Jeff Rohrs (published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), to help you learn more about distributing your content through social channels.

Often, problems with content relates not to the content itself but with how you promoted it. You have two ways to promote content: pay someone or build a large audience. Creating an audience is one of the best uses for blogging, social media, and other communities. You need to build a push-button audience for your content. Otherwise, having great content in the hands of nobody does nothing for you.