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Tools to Integrate Your Marketing Video into Social Media

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Like video marketing, social media is a useful tool. Used by itself, social media is unlikely to make your business successful, but used effectively and integrated with other, more traditional forms of marketing, it can enhance your sales and marketing efforts with great efficiency. These three companies can boost the impact of your video marketing by way of social media channels:

  • FanBridge: If you’re a do-it-yourself type, you must manage your community and communicate with its participants regularly, via e-mail and via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. A number of services assist in this effort, such as FanBridge, which gives you a ton of helpful tools without overwhelming you. This list describes what you can do by using the FanBridge tools:

    • Easily incorporate clickable videos into your e-mail messages

    • Add videos to your Facebook fan page

    • Convert viewers into subscribers

    • Use the Social Digest tool to automatically combine your Facebook, Twitter, and video content into a single e-mail to send to members of your community

    FanBridge provides most of its tools, along with its e-mail management systems, for free.

  • HubSpot: The main goal of online content and social media is to drive appropriate customer traffic to your door with minimal effort. Inbound marketing is the term for this process. The brainchild company of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the bestselling authors of Inbound Marketing (John Wiley and Sons), HubSpot provides businesses inbound marketing software and expertise that will help your videos drive more inbound traffic to your website.

    Video is ideal content for inbound marketing. When prospects arrive at your site to view your videos, HubSpot captures information about them, allowing you to more effectively and easily promote other videos and complementary content.

  • Prime Concepts: Not all video marketers are ready, willing, and able to conquer the social media world on their own. With all the fast-moving changes and companies, creating an effective social media strategy can be daunting. Sometimes, farming out the whole thing is the easiest method. Prime Concepts — a national, one-stop, social media marketing resource — has people who know how to integrate marketing videos with social media.

    Its founder, Ford Saeks, believes that marketing is not all about selling — it’s about communication and building relationships. This social media guru practices what he preaches — he builds relationships by adding value first and then engages prospects with entertaining and informative video, which has led to quite a loyal following. Visit the site to download a free copy of Saeks’ Ten Tips to Leverage Your Videos Using Social Media Marketing.