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Make ‘Never, Ever Give Up’ Your Online Business Mantra

Part of Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Yes, this does sound like a cheesy song from the 80s, but the message is really important. There are really only two types of online entrepreneurs: Those who keep trying to get a business off the ground until the day they die, and everyone else.

The decision to ‘make it or die trying’ is also the only thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from the great unwashed. However, a common misconception is to interpret this to mean you should never give up trying to make a particular idea successful. That’s unlikely to work. The art of successful online start-ups is typically knowing when to persevere, when to change course and when to abandon an idea to work on the next venture.

The most important technique to implement on your journey is to keep trying: Never, ever give up ‘entrepreneurship’. Most entrepreneurs go through a serious of unsuccessful ideas and ventures before they finally hit the jackpot with an idea that gets traction and allows them to fulfill their start-up vision.

So keep trying to make a number of ideas/companies successful — if one doesn’t work out, learn your lesson and move on to the next.