Location-based Marketing with Twitter Places - dummies

Location-based Marketing with Twitter Places

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Twitter has a feature called Places that allows you to geotag a tweet with your current location. Twitter grabs your location and appends it to your tweets. You can then analyze tweets by geography.

This is particularly useful if you are a “regional” brand looking to engage with customers in a particular area. Twitter also uses geodata to decide who it sends a promoted tweet or promoted user. Promoted tweets are tweets that have been paid for, and you find them on your Twitter stream regardless of whether you’re following the brand. Promoted users are suggested in the People You Should Follow section.

If you pay for Twitter ads (promoted tweets or promoted user accounts), you gain access to the Twitter Follower Dashboard. The dashboard gives you a look at the following:

  • Engagement: The percentage of people who have seen your tweet and the number of people who have retweeted, replied, or favorited your tweets.

  • Location: This treemap shows a breakdown of people who tweet with you by location. The chart starts at the country level and breaks it down in one chart.

  • Your Followers Also Follow: A list of who your followers also follow.

  • Gender: A pie chart that shows the breakdown of Twitter users that follow you by male, female and unknown.

  • Interests: Gives you the percentage of followers interested in various topics like news, tech, social media, burritos, and so on.

  • Follower Graph: A graph that shows the growth of your Twitter account followers.

These give you a chance to target messages to geographies, genders, and even interests. Costs for promoted tweets range between ten and fifty cents cost-per-engagement at time of print. There is also a cost-per-follower charge that starts at .50 and tops out at $2.00 per follower attached to a promoted user account.

Use the geotagging options to find people close by that you can develop relationships with through conversations. Buying followers gives you more followers, but it does not necessarily give you the right followers. You want to find people who share your brand’s interests and who you can eventually do business with.